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Safety Notices

BRITAX Car Seat Superior Fit & Comfort Features

A safe car seat is one that fits your vehicle, fits your child, and is easy to use each and every time. If your child is not comfortable in the seat then they will not want to sit in it; this not only leaves your child vulnerable to injury, but creates additional stress on the driver.

The following BRITAX features provide an optimal fit for your vehicle and your child, as well as providing a comfortable ride.

Multiple Buckle Positions

Multiple Buckle Positions
Many BRITAX seats feature multiple buckle positions to accommodate your growing child.

Reinforced Harness Slots

Reinforced Harness Slots
BRITAX convertible seats feature reinforced harness slots that allow the harness to be in the slot that is most appropriate for your child, whether your child is rear or forward facing. Learn more

Rear and Forward Facing Recline

Rear and Forward Facing Recline
BRITAX convertible car seats feature rear and forward facing recline positions for child comfort and positioning.

Infant Body Pillow

Infant Body Pillows
Select BRITAX seats feature an Infant Body Pillow that not only provides an extra layer of padding for your child’s comfort, but can be configured to provide a more custom fit.

Comfort Foam

High-Density Comfort Foam
All BRITAX seats include high-density comfort foam, providing an extra layer of padding to gently cushion your child.

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