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Safety Notices

Stroller Safety Tips

BRITAX recommends following these tips to keep you and your child safe while strolling:

Always secure your child with the harness when using the stroller.

Never leave a child in a stroller unattended.

Read your stroller's user guide before use.

Make sure your child fits within the stroller manufacturer’s weight, and height requirements.

Always make sure the stroller is fully open and locked before use.

Register your stroller with the manufacturer so they can notify you in the event of a recall or safety notice.

When using a stroller with attachments, such as an infant car seat, bassinet, or detachable seat, always make sure the attachments are securely locked into place.


Remember to set the parking brake when the stroller is not moving. Check the brakes on the stroller periodically to ensure that they’re functioning correctly.

Never use a stroller on stairs or an escalator.

Keep your child away from the stroller when folding or unfolding it.

Don’t hang or place items, including a purse or diaper bag, on the handle or frame of a stroller unless approved by the manufacturer, as this may cause the stroller to become unbalanced and tip over.

Do not allow children to climb on or play with the stroller.



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