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Anatomy of a Combination Seat

Combination Car Seat Parts

Combination seats are seats that possess a five-point harness that can later be removed and then used as a belt-positioning booster seat. 

Energy-Absorbing Foam

1. Energy-Absorbing Foam
Energy-absorbing foam lines the shell of most seats and helps to absorb crash forces.

chest clip or harness retainer clip

2. Chest Clip / Harness Retainer Clip
A plastic clasp that holds the shoulder straps together over the child's chest at armpit level, the chest clip is a positioning device intended to keep harness straps in position on the shoulders.

5-point Harness

3. Five-point Harness
A five-point harness has five attachment points to the restraint: two at the shoulder, two at the hips, and one between the legs. A five-point harness is designed to make contact with the strongest parts of the body – the hips and shoulders – and to distribute crash forces over those strong parts of the body. The harness is composed of harness straps and a buckle. The harness on a combination seat can be removed, and the seat can then be used as a belt-positioning booster seat.


4. Armrests
Some combination seats include armrests, which provide a comfortable place for your child to rest his arms.

Cup Holder

5. Cup Holder
Some combination seats feature one or more cup holders, which provide a convenient place to store drinks.

Harness Adjuster Strap

6. Harness Adjuster Strap
The harness adjuster strap is used to tighten the internal harness of the seat.

Car Seat Shell

7. Shell
The shell is the molded plastic structure of the car seat.

Top tether

8. Top Tether
The top tether is part of the LATCH system; it is a belt that anchors the top of the child safety seat to the vehicle frame to help prevent the car seat from tipping forward during a crash. For more information on the LATCH system, visit our About LATCH page.

Car Seat Base

9. Base
The base of a child seat is the lower portion that rests on the vehicle seat.

Lower LATCH Connectors

10. Lower LATCH Connectors
The lower LATCH connecters are used to install the seat using the LATCH method. For more information on the LATCH system, visit our About LATCH page.

Note: Not all features listed above are found on all combination seats; some features may be found only on BRITAX combination seats.

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