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Safety Notices

Car Seats 101

The ultimate job of a car seat is to minimize injury to your child during a crash. Injury can be caused by a number of things including:

  • intruding objects making contact with your child,
  • your child hitting something in the vehicle, such as the back of the front seat, or
  • your child’s body coming to a sudden halt.

Any part of your child’s body can become injured during a crash, however, head injury is the leading cause of vehicle crash-related deaths for children ages 0-12 years*. Your child’s head should always be protected to avoid serious and permanent injury.

*Child Injury Led Design & Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Here you'll find some information to help you understand more about car seats and how to choose the one that's right for you.

Car Seat Selection Tools

  • Fit My Child  Our interactive tool will help you determine which car seats fit your child and allow you to compare products side-by-side
  • More to Measure  Learn about the importance of measuring your child's seated shoulder height for proper car seat fit and to better understand when your child is likely to outgrow the car seat when reaching the top harness slot.
  • Baby's First Car Ride  Tips for preparing for baby's first ride home from the hospital 
  • Outgrowing a Car Seat  How to tell when your child has outgrown their car seat

Learn About Car Seat Basics

Car Seat Installation Resources

Car Seat Testing and Safety Resources


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