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Safety Notices

Safety Features

The purpose of a stroller is to help you and your child get from place to place safely, conveniently, and comfortably. BRITAX strollers are designed with features to provide your child with the same level of safety that you have come to expect from our car seats. Safety features that can be found on BRITAX strollers include:


Five-point harness

Five-point Harness
BRITAX strollers include a five-point harness, which provides a snug fit while safely securing your child in the stroller.

stroller canopy with visor

Large Canopy with Visor
BRITAX stroller include a large, adjustable canopy with a visor to block sun, wind, and harmful UV rays from your child’s sensitive skin.

one-step brake

One-step Brake
BRITAX strollers feature a convenient one-step brake that allows you to press a single pedal to lock and unlock both rear wheels. Learn more


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