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CarryLong System

What is the CarryLong System?

The BRITAX CarryLong System is comprised of a padded waist belt and shoulder straps, and has been engineered to provide maximum comfort for the parent when wearing the carrier for extended periods of time. 


Where is the CarryLong System located on the BABY CARRIER?

The CarryLong System is a combination of both a padded waist belt and padded shoulder straps.

How do I benefit from a carrier that features the CarryLong System?

The main benefit of the CarryLong System is that you get to carry your baby longer without suffering from back and shoulder pain. Secondarily, you get extra comfort in the areas you need it most.

How does the CarryLong System work?

The padded waist belt and shoulder straps have been engineered to distribute the weight of your baby across your shoulders, back and hips.

How long has BRITAX incorporated the CarryLong System in their carriers?

BRITAX began incorporating the CarryLong System with the launch of the BRITAX BABY CARRIER in 2011.

Which current BRITAX baby carriers feature the CarryLong System?



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