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BRITAX Baby Carrier Features

Britax B-READY modular stroller

When it comes to carrying your baby, at BRITAX we know that the comfort of both parent and child are crucial. That's why BRITAX, the leader in child safety, has designed the BRITAX BABY CARRIER to provide the highest level of long-wearing comfort for both you and your growing baby. To learn more about the carrying positions offered by the BRITAX BABY CARRIER, visit our Baby Carrying Positions Page.


fit & comfort

Superior Fit & Comfort Features
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER features the CarryLong System, which minimizes the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended wear by distributing weight across the shoulders, back and hips. Other Fit & Comfort features include a removable infant insert, padded leg openings, and an open and contoured design.


Superior Ease-of-Use Features
The BRITAX BABY CARRIER was engineered for simple daily use. An over-the-head design makes it easy to get the carrier on and off, one-handed buckles and snaps simplify getting the child in and out of the carrier, and both the harness and waist belt straps have been constructed for easy adjustment.

safety features

Superior Safety Features
Coming from the leader in child safety, the BRITAX BABY CARRIER has been engineered for safety as well. Adjustable head support and leg loops provide head and neck stability for younger infants and a secure fit for smaller babies. A secure harness and pouch design ensures that baby will stay securely withing the carrier. 


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