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Anti-Rebound Bar

What is an Anti-Rebound Bar?

anti-rebound bar

An Anti-Rebound Bar stabilizes a child seat by minimizing rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Anti-Rebound Bar.


Where is the Anti-Rebound Bar located?

The Anti-Rebound Bar is connected to the in-car base of the infant car seat.  The infant car seat may be installed in a vehicle without the base, however the base must be installed in order to receive the benefit of the Anti-Rebound Bar.

infant car seat base with anti-rebound bar infant car seat with base
CHAPERONE base with
Anti-Rebound Bar
CHAPERONE Infant Car Seat
installed on base

How does my child benefit from an infant car seat with an Anti-Rebound Bar?

To understand how your child benefits from a seat with an Anti-Rebound Bar, it's important to first understand what happens during a crash. In the event of a front end collision, a car seat will move forward and downward as a result of the forces associated with the impact. After the initial impact is over, the car seat will "rebound", or move backward toward the back of the vehicle seat. Often, the result is the child's head hitting the vehicle seat or any accessories that may have been installed on the headrest, such as mirrors or video screens. (BRITAX does not recommend installing aftermarket accessories at any time, even when using the CHAPERONE infant car seat with the Anti-Rebound Bar.) In the case of a rear impact, the car seat will initially rotate toward the rear of the vehicle, with the same risks for injury associated with a frontal impact, and then rebound to its original position.

An Anti-Rebound Bar is used to stabilize the car seat in the event of a collision, significantly reducing the distance it will rotate and preventing your child's head from contacting the back of the vehicle seat.

infant car seat without anti-rebound bar infant car seat with anti-rebound bar
Infant Car Seat without
Anti-Rebound Bar on impact
Infant Car Seat with
Anti-Rebound Bar on impact

How does an Anti-Rebound Bar work?

The Anti-Rebound Bar is connected to the car seat base, forming a rigid "L" shape that rests against the bottom and back cushions of a vehicle seat. This "L" shape acts as a physical barrier preventing the car seat from rotating toward the vehicle seat back during a front or rear collision.

infant car seat installed in vehicle
CHAPERONE Infant Car Seat with Anti-Rebound Bar installed in vehicle

How long has BRITAX incorporated the Anti-Rebound Bar in their seats?

The Anti-Rebound Bar was designed, developed, and patented by BRITAX and introduced into the US market with the launch of the COMPANION Infant Car Seat in 2003.

Which current BRITAX car seats feature the Anti-Rebound Bar?

CHAPERONE Infant Car Seat


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