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Latch system
Understanding new latch guidelines weight

LATCH has weight limits

When the combined weight of your child and the car seat is 65 pounds or more, you must install the car seat using the vehicle seat belt instead of the lower anchor (LATCH) system. ClickTight gives you a safe, secure installation using the vehicle seat belt throughout the life of the seat, in harness mode.


Properly installed car seats should be snug

A correctly installed car seat should not move more than one inch side to side or front to back at the belt path. ClickTight makes it easy to achieve a proper installation without shoving, kneeing, yanking or tugging.

seat belt

Seat belt systems can vary across vehicles

Traditionally, the installation instructions for your car seat may change depending on the type of seat belt system in your vehicle. ClickTight eliminates that confusion because it installs safely, securely and easily with all seat belt systems. 


The simple–yet incredibly revolutionary–ClickTight Technology can be found in the BRITAX FRONTIER and the BRITAX PINNACLE.

Frontier 90 Pinnacle 90
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